Saturday, December 24, 2005

Extra! Frozen produces Cloud 9 DVD extras!

There’s more to the new DVD release of the motion picture Cloud 9 than Frozen Pictures’ film!

Included in the Fox Home Entertainment DVD, in stores January 3rd, are exclusive bonus features produced by Frozen Pictures.

Burt Kearns and Brett Hudson, who wrote and produced Cloud 9 with Oscar winner Albert S. Ruddy, also supervised the acclaimed Frozen Pictures documentary team as they shot behind-the-scenes footage and conducted interviews with all the stars!

When you get Cloud 9 on DVD, you also get these side-splitting special features:

Hoosiers Meets Hooters: Behind Cloud 9

The story behind the comedy, with deleted scenes, cast interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage shot on location in Malibu.

Burt Reynolds' Fight Club: Directing A Rumble

Who better to choreograph and direct a fight scene than Hooper himself? Burt Reynolds, who played the world’s greatest stuntman onscreen, now shows how it’s done. But not even Burt expects his Million Dollar baby Angie Everhart to get so carried away with her role!

Being Gary Busey: The Cameo Outtakes

It began as a brief cameo by Gary Busey, the Malibu legend and Hollywood great. It turned into a primer on slapstick comedy by a master of the form. Watch Gary Busey in all his mystical, magical glory as he does take after take of inspired silliness (costarring the pooch from Legally Blonde)!

Don’t forget! January 3, 2006! Use those holiday gift certificates for your copy of the new comedy sports classic, Cloud 9 !

Burt Kearns & Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures & Albert S. Ruddy, from Hoosiers Meets Hooters, the behind-the scenes featurette included on the Fox DVD release of Cloud 9:

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