Saturday, December 31, 2005

Holiday Gift Certificates on Cloud 9!

Three more days til Frozen Pictures' first comedy movie, Cloud 9, hits stores on DVD!

And there's no better way to use those holiday gift certificates!

So click here and order your copy now, avoid the crowds and be among the first to laugh along with the most rollicking sports comedy-- with the sexiest beach volleyball team-- in Hollywood history!

Burt Reynolds is back in a big way! And he's got Angie Everhart, Gabrielle Reece, DL Hughley, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Arnold, Tony Danza and Gary Busey along with him!

Already, the reviews are coming in for the movie written and produced by Burt Kearns & Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures, and Academy Award winner Albert S. Ruddy:

★★★★★ Angie Everhart & Gabrielle Reece are hot hot hot!
December 29, 2005 Reviewer: filmfreek (Austin, Texas)

This might be the funniest movie I have seen all year.

The script is great.

And the women are really hot! Angie Everhart has never looked better than she does in a red bikini, Gabrielle Reece is a GODDESS and the four women who play the Bonsais are super sexy, in every flavor!

This is definitely worth the price!

★★★★★ A classic sexy sports comedy! What a surprise!!
December 27, 2005 Reviewer: Culture (Los Angeles)

Did I miss this in theaters?

Because the Bandit is back! Burt Reynolds is in great form as the coach of a beach volleyball team made up of strippers. Better than Hazzard, better than Longest Yard, it's a raunchy, sly ensemble comedy with a smart script and lots of laughs.

As a longtime fan, I was glad to see this wasn't a cameo role for Burt, but that he's in nearly every scene, and he's surrounded by a young, all-star cast, including Angie Everhart and Gabrielle Reece.

The movie is set in Malibu, and most of it takes place on the beach, so there is lots of skin shown off (and the unbelieveable "booty" of ex-Miss Usa Kenya Moore. That deserves an award of its own). DL Hughley is very funny as Burt's "son," and Paul Rodriguez should get an Oscar (no kidding) for his part as a Chinese man named Wong (no kidding).

This movie has a great pedigree too. The great script was co-written by Al Ruddy, who won the Best Picture Oscar (!) for Million Dollar Baby, and also did the original Longest Yard and Cannonball Run movies. And Grey Fredericksen who won the Oscar for Godfather Two is another producer.

The DVD also has very funny extras that are as good and funny as the movie ("Hoosiers meets Hooters" is the name of one extra and that says it all).

Cloud 9 will be tops in any sports movie collection. And it stands up with Dodgeball and Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers as a funny guy's movie.

Click here to write your own review! And get ready for the first movie from Frozen Pictures!

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