Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cloud 9 sells out!

Cloud 9, the first motion picture comedy from Frozen Pictures, hit DVD shelves across the United States and Canada this week--and it's flying off shelves as quickly as it's arriving!

A check of locations in and around Hollywood show that Cloud 9 sold out in its first day on sale at Best Buy, Tower Video, both Virgin Megastores, and Blockbuster!

And reports this morning it’s only got two copies left!

The word to distributors is: Get more copies out there, and display them prominently!

We already saw Wedding Crashers in the theatre!

Producers Burt Kearns and Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures are looking forward to a big rental weekend for the first original comedy hit of 2006!

Kearns and Hudson wrote and produced Cloud 9 with Albert S. Ruddy, who won Best Picture Oscars for The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby. The Academy gave executive producer Gray Frederickson got his Best Picture Oscar for The Godfather, Part II.

We’ll see what voters think about this Fox Home Entertainment DVD, starring Burt Reynolds as the coach of an all-stripper beach volleyball team!

We already know what the public thinks!

Can't find Cloud 9? Email Frozen Pictures from this site!

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