Friday, January 13, 2006

Cloud 9's Crystal gets Hot Sexy Fashions treatment!

It’s a fact. Frozen Pictures’ motion picture comedy DVD, Cloud 9, is being bought and rented faster than stores and online services can stock it!

And more attention is being focused on Burt Reynolds’ luscious costars, thanks to the rockin’ website Hot Sexy Fashions Pictures Daily.

The edgy, kinky, sexy website (and sister site Models-Port) has been focusing on the fashions and careers of the actresses playing Burt Reynolds’ sexy team of beach volleyball strippers.

The latest Fashions star: Marnette “Marne” Patterson, who plays the lovely Crystal— and her thigh-high boots!

The Fashions site says: ”Marnette is extremely sexy in her red thigh high sparkling boots, pink and white thong bikini bottom, pink bustier bikini top and red cowboy hat-- wow.”

And they know what they're talking about!

More Hot Sexy Cloud 9 stars are headed your way, so stay tuned!

And keep the pressure on for Cloud 9!


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Have a good time

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