Thursday, March 02, 2006

Olga! Olga! Olga!

Katheryn Winnick, a standout actress, athlete and comediane in Frozen Picture's hit motion picture comedy, Cloud 9, is featured in the Sarah Jessica Parker-Matthew McConaughey comedy, Failure to Launch, which opens March 10.

And she’s in the spotlight just in time in the wild, steamy, sexy website, Hot Sexy Fashions Pictures Daily.

Katheryn plays the Russian beauty Olga, the stripper-turned-beach-volleyball-star who comes into her own once she gets over breaking her nails!

Katheryn has tremendous acting chops, honed on films like Hellraiser: Hellworld and TV series like CSI and Law & Order. She also made a big impression as Ivana Trump in the ABC-TV movie, Trump: Unauthorized.

Katheryn took the role of Olga and ran with it. In fact, Brett Hudson & Burt Kearns of Frozen Pictures and their writing and producing partner, Academy Award-winner Albert S. Ruddy, originally wrote the role as “Inga,” a stereotypical Swedish beauty who was a throwback to the classic femme fatales of the 1960s.

Katheryn showed up with her own twist: from Russia with lots of attitude, energy and comedic skills. The Canadian beauty made the role her own. The writer-producers renamed her “Olga” on the spot. And history was made!

As the Hot Sexy Fashions website says: “Volleyball is a very physically demanding sport, and the 5 foot 6 inch actress is up to the task. Not only does Katheryn Winnick hold a second-degree black belt in Karate and a third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do, but she is also a licensed bodyguard.”

We interviewed Katheryn and she told us about the challenge of playing a stripper from Minsk:

“Olga is from Russia. She is a woman who’s very strong, independent. She comes to this country trying to make a living and make some money and so she decides to make a living through exotic dancing. And she falls in love with the sport of volleyball.

“The reason why she got involved is to make extra money. But then halfway through the movie, she realizes she’s actually good at what she does. And I think she had the naturally ability to get better at the sport.”

“Believe it or not, the hardest part for me was to get comfortable. I’m from Canada. This is the first time I’m on the beach! I don’t even own a bikini. And so it was a bit of a transition for me to put one on and be a stripper. That part was, was a challenge. But once I got into it, it was great. And to prepare for a playing stripper, you know, every girl kind of strips for the guy. Ha ha! At least I think they do. I guess whatever you do at home, you have a chance to do it on camera. At least for this movie.

“Did this movie give me any more respect for women who are in the business of stripping? Yes, it definitely did. Because it’s not easy. And it’s hard to be so confident even when you’re not feeling as confident, and to strut your stuff and shake your tush and do all the sexy moves that a woman needs to do to try to make the money. Because it really comes down to one thing. They don’t necessarily do it for the love but they do it for the money.”

“I think the overall message in this film really is actually female empowerment. When I started reading the script I was hesitant in terms of, ‘Okay, this is a stripper exploitation movie, what are you doing?’ I called up my agent I’m like, ‘You’re sending me on a stripper movie?’ But then halfway through the script, I kind of got the whole message. It’s these women really coming together and there’s a bigger story than what it starts out to be and there’s a bigger message that women are strong. The woman can come forward and really achieve whatever they want to do, no matter who they are. It’s definitely female empowerment.

We couldn't have said it better!

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