Thursday, August 17, 2006

Emmy-winning editor joins Basketball Man team

Award-winning editor Barry Zetlin has joined the production team of Basketball Man, as the Frozen Pictures documentary feature heads into the post-production stage.

Fresh off an Emmy win for his work on the long-running hit NBC series, “Starting Over,” Zetlin has long been one of the most influential and sought-after film and television editors in Hollywood. Basketball Man is only his latest high-profile project.

His credits reflect the work of a true Renaissance man, including ABC’s One Ocean View, The Bachelor and The Mole, dozens of other television classics, and scores of independent films including The Soft Kill starring Carrie Ann Moss; Disney’s Tower of Terror with Kirsten Dunst; Into The Sun; Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo; Friday the 13th: Part 7; the first films by acclaimed director Jonathan Mostow (including Flight of Black Angel); and James Cameron’s first directorial material in Galaxy of Terror.

"It’s hard to pick up a DVD at Blockbuster that doesn’t have Barry’s name in the credits,” says Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures. “Now he's taking the raw material of Basketball Man and spinning it into gold. We only wish that we had his deft touch on Cloud 9.”

Zetlin also has a distinguished career as a writer, actor and director of such memorable films as The Dogfighters with Ben Gazzara and Man of the Year starring John Ritter.

And he's truly a man of letters, with a BA, MA and an MFA. His wife, Prof. Andrea Zetlin (pictured above with the Emmy winner) has a BA, an MA and an Ed.D, while son Josh holds a BA and MA!

Ian Naismith shows Barry Zetlin the original 13 rules of basketball.

“Basketball Man is a terrific project,” Zetlin says. "It’s an inspirational story with great visuals and real heroes in Doc Naismith-- and his grandson Ian. I have to say that meeting Ian, and actually getting to see the original 13 rules was a highlight of my career.”

Zetlin got another thrill while scanning the interview tapes and discovering that he attended the same high school as his boyhood hero, Bob Cousy. “I graduated from Jericho High School on Long Island, but I started out at Andrew Jackson in Queens. My parents Ted and Zelda will be proud to know that the Cooze and I played on the same court."

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