Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Frozen's 'Basketball Man' in Big Five

Frozen Pictures' new documentary feature, Basketball Man, is a Top 5 DVD pick by the high-quality, high-end men’s magazine, Avery Cardoza’s Player. The magazine selects five DVDs in its January/February issue. And Basketball Man is the only brand-new feature in the group.

Along with the films Snakes on A Plane and Crank, and the TV compilations Extras: The Complete First Season and Baywatch: Season Three, is the documentary feature, Basketball Man: The Greatest Sports Story Never Told, standing tall:
“With basketball season and gravity-defying dunks in full force, few people take a moment to think where it all came from. This documentary tells the story of Dr. James Naismith, the man who invented basketball in 1891. It features segments with stars past and present, including Michael Jordan and Steve Nash, as well as Naismith’s grandson, Ian, who travels the country with the 13 original rules in a golden briefcase, teaching people about the sportsmanship his grandfather so strongly advocated.”
Player, the brainchild of multimillion-selling author, publisher and gaming authority Avery Cardoza (“The Hugh Hefner of the gaming lifestyle”—Tabloid Baby) is a classy, sophisticated magazine that bills itself as the one “that brings it all together for the educated, upscale man who craves the good life and is acquiring the means to achieve it… a real guy’s guide to celebrities, fashion, cars, technology + good drinks, good smokes and good times.”

Along with FHM, the Player issue with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia on the cover is only the latest pop culture authority to recognize Basketball Man as a major release.

The Basketball Man DVD will be released on February 20th.

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