Monday, March 12, 2007

Basketball Man hits the streets

Basketball Man is here.

Frozen Pictures' nonfiction film about the life and legacy of the game’s inventor is released today in a deluxe two-disc DVD set, which contains hours of extras, including extended interviews and rare footage.

The deluxe package will be introduced at a star-studded launch party in Kansas City.

The b-ball bash tips off at 5 pm at The Kansas City Star Press Pavilion. The event is open to the public-- and it's free.

The event is also a chance to meet basketball stars and legends like former Kings greats Sam Lacey and Scott Wedman, former Globetrotter Gator Rivers and ex-Missouri Tiger and Los Angeles Laker Clay Johnson, former KU greats Bud Stallworth and Lynette Woodard, along with the composer of the haunting “Theme from Basketball Man (One In A Million),” former Royals pitcher Al Fitzmorris.

“We wanted to launch the DVD in Kansas City with a big event like this because of all of the basketball history in this area,” says executive producer Keith Zimmerman. “With basketball’s history in Kansas City and the NAIA Tournament beginning later in the week (Wednesday) at Municipal, this was a natural.”

“Kansas City is the perfect place to introduce the DVD,” director Burt Kearns said today. “It was our home base when we were fanning out across the country to film this incredible story. And it’s only the beginning. People are responding to Basketball Man because it's not only about a great historic figure, but it's about the game today, and the people carrying on his work. We’ll be seeing a lot of Basketball Man events around the country.”

Basketball Man, already hailed as "epic", "superb", and a "slam dunk" was produced by Frozen for Double Dog Sports & Entertainment.

The DVD set will be rolled out in select markets before its national release on May 8th.


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