Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michael Lohan stars in Frozen television project

Frozen Pictures cameras were on Long Island, in the Bronx and all over Manhattan over the past week filming The Michael Lohan Nonfiction Video Project-- Hey, we're not going to call it a reality series!

From the Nassau County Courthouse, where Lindsay Lohan's father battled his wife Dina in divorce court-- to the Teen Challenge halfway house where Lohan works as a drug counselor in the ministry of the down-to-Earth, charismatic Pastor Jimmy Jack, to a neighborhood rally and revival-- to a hidden camera "game show" in which the benevolent are rewarded for doing good deeds-- Michael Lohan was always on the move-- only stopping to pray-- in his nonstop effort to clear his name, spread the Good Word, and save not only the world-- but his daughter.

Joining the Lohan team on camera were actress Alicia Arden and Annie Lobert. Annie's known in Christian circles for her group, Hookers for Jesus.

And yes, that's Michael Lohan, in disguise for his good samaritan TV show brainstorm, "Deeds," of which the "making of" is at the center of this project.

Stay tuned for updates and more information on the Lohan project.

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Anonymous said...

wow...its great to see me lohan doing the work of the Lord...he is a true man with charactor.. I just hope his ex wife and daughter repent the way he did.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if you think this guy has done the work of the lord, you are out of your mind.

He's in it for the money....and without his daughter this guy stands no chance.....

I'm disgusted with daddy lohan. He makes me sick to my stomach.........

He's a LOSER AND A USER!!!!!!!1

george said...

It's time to talk frozen..