Friday, August 03, 2007

Meet Keith Walker

We’re still sorting through all the material from our East Coast shoot for the Michael Lohan project— and it’s shaping up into the one of the most inspirational, compelling and surprising series we’ve been involved with. We also worked with a lot of great people collaborated with us, You’ll be meeting them in the days to come, starting with one of our executive producers, Keith Walker.

Keith drove to Long Island from Atlanta, Georgia, and though he was one of the bigshots on the set, he worked the trenches, pitching in behind the scenes and even working one of the cameras.

Keith Walker is a well-respected producer and charismatic dealmaker who’s worked closely with many celebrities in the television, movie and music fields, including Phillip Michael Thomas, Lee Majors, P Diddy, Jeremy Jackson, Fat Joe, The Ying Yang Twins, Steve Harris and Neely and many more. Keith is one of the talents turning Atlanta an entertainment hotbed. he's A&R director for the music label Warrior Records, a consultant for the new entertainment channel BSPN-- and filming top-grade movies withut leaving town.

As a matter of fact, after producing the Atlanta-based film Fate, starring Majors, Thomas and Michael Pare (Eddie & The Cruisers) and workign as associate producer of The Unseen, starring Steve Harris (Heist, Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Keith's most recent picture, Lynch Mob ("A Mob movie with a horror twist") has the canny timing of starring Sopranos regular Tony Darrow and is set to hit theatres soon.

We expect to be doing a lot more work with Keith Walker, who along with cameraman extraordinaire Lewis Bailey, is helping turn the great state of Georgia into Frozen Pictures South!


Anonymous said...

keep up the great work

Chrissy Vee said...

Very impressive indeed. I am def a fan!

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