Monday, September 17, 2007

Terry Jones joins The Seventh Python

Terry Jones, Monty Python's comic genius who was most comfortable playing middle-aged women, wrapped a segment this afternoon for The Seventh Python, our nonfiction film about his good friend and colleague, Neil Innes.

The historian, director, author, political writer, screenwriter, documentary host and naked piano player welcomed us into his home in the Highgate section of London and spoke about the mystery of the man he's known for forty years-- since their days on the legendary TV show, Do Not Adjust Your Set.

"It's one of the great enigmas. Neil is brilliant! He writes some of the best songs I've ever heard. He's a magnetic personality when he's performing... He's had lots of success. but why hasn't he become a huge star? Why isn't he Paul Simon? It's an enigma! I have no idea... I think one of the things is that Neil is always trying to do something new, do something different. He has an intellectual appetite that has to be satsified... a quirky take on things that's not always mainstream. He's always stepping away from what he could do so easily."

Terry Jones is working on several projects, including preparation to direct a stage musical based on a children's book he's written. And he'll soon be wearing his historian hat on an American tour, lecturing about Richard II.

Thanks for taking the time to make The Seventh Python even more special!

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