Friday, March 21, 2008

Our 'Python' premiere will be a really big show!

In the LAist's comprehensive report on Monday night's reunion-- and first-time performance-- of The Rutles, there's big news about the premiere of our new movie, The Seventh Python at very same Mods and Rockers Film Festival that brought together Eric Idle, John Halsey, Ricky Fataar and our subject Neil Innes:

"...There was also a preview for the upcoming documentary on Neil Innes, titled The Seventh Python. The documentary will be premiering at this summer's Mods and Rockers Film Festival. Martin Lewis, co-founder and producer of Mods and Rockers has some serious mojo...

"This may be the first and last time all four Rutles performed together, but this is not the last you will see of The Rutles. Neil Innes told LAist that when he returns in June for the Mods and Rockers Fest to premier his documentary, The Seventh Python, he may form a trio with Ricky Fataar (Martin Lewis - seriously, the guy is magic)..."

That's more than we knew! Way to go, Martin!

The Seventh Python's executive producer Sean Connors & Martin Lewis
at the Rutles reunion bash

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