Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A star of our Venice Walk gets a big TV break

It looks like one of the stars of The Venice Walk-- Robert Hegyes' groundbreaking Internet webisode series that we executive-produced-- is about to break out big and become the next big prime time television star.

TVGuide.com reports that "the enchanting Brea Grant — who made quite the impression as Landry's short-lived rebound girl on Friday Night Lights — is joining the cast of Heroes next season as The Speedster."

The accomplished young Brea plays Alli, a flirtatious, emanicipated minor with a thing for drummers and cocaine, in the acclaimed Venice Walk, which centers on a group of Venice Beach delinquents-- played by a right, electric ensemble-- who must report to a parole officer and former NYC cop played winningly by Seventies TV icon-- and Welcome Back Kotter sweathog-- Hegyes.

The series is Bobby's brainchild and baby. He wrote it with Craig Titley, while Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns were executive producers-- and helped shoot it. The Venice Walk is truly visionary project, and it's generating hundreds of thousands of hits on a number of Internet sites, most recently Unicorn Media.

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