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'Interactive' documentary feature
debuts in a two-day
Hollywood blowout
that includes Innes concert,
the first artist performance
in American Cinematheque
fest's nine-year history

HOLLYWOOD (JONAS PR) -- The world premiere of The Seventh Python, Frozen Pictures' nonfiction film about the unplanned career of musical satirist, Rutle and Monty Python collaborator (there were six of them, get it?) Neil Innes, will take place June 26th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, opening the American Cinematheque's ninth annual Mods & Rockers Film Festival in a spectacular two-night multimedia event.

Neil Innes will not only be attending the premiere and conducting a Q&A after the film, but will star in a special, unprecedented concert performance at the Egyptian, the following night, June 27th.

'Neil will be performing songs from the Bonzos, the Pythons, the Rutles and his solo career,' promises festival organizer Martin Lewis. 'Consider this to be a living, breathing Neil Innes anthology! Or Archeology!'

The innovative Seventh Python combines exclusive concert performance footage, animation, and a unique interactive element as it travels with Innes across three continents, connecting with his worldwide audience while ducking below the radar of fame- often while wearing a duck on his head.

The film includes interviews, appearances and performances by Innes friends, colleagues and protégés including surviving Pythons John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin; The Simpsons creator Matt Groening; Oscar®-nominated songwriter Aimee Mann; comedians Phill Jupitus and Emo Philips; and an assorted Rutle or two, among others.

'The Egyptian Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the perfect place to open this film,' says director Burt Kearns, who produced and wrote with Frozen partner Brett Hudson. 'Neil has spent his entire career fighting the celebrity fame game that's gotten so out of control here in recent years. This film celebrates a true comedy and musical genius who's been all to happy to be the most famous star people have never heard of. Until now, of course.'

'Even more important,' Hudson adds, 'we explain why Neil wears a duck on his head.'

The Seventh Python is also notable in being billed as 'the first interactive movie documentary,' actively prompting viewers to leave theatres and head to the Internet to dig deeper into the Innes story.

'This isn't a crawl through someone's photo or video archives. We tell Neil's story in the present tense,' Kearns says. 'Neil's entire musical and comedy history is there online. We're giving the power to the audience and encourage viewers and fans to find it and do their own directors cut.'

'To be honest, we're sick of the old ‘stills and archival footage' docos,' Hudson says. 'They're 20th century. They're old. We've been there and done that too many times. The Seventh Python takes us on a journey through the past, but it's set in the present and leads the audience into the future, just like Neil Innes does.'

Described by one early reviewer as 'touching, hilarious and inventive,' The Seventh Python traces Innes' winding path of whimsy as he flirts with destiny at the edge of fame with incredibly influential and unusually lasting work that keeps one foot each planted in the worlds of comedy and rock ‘n' roll. From the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band to the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, Monty Python to The Rutles, his work with George Harrison to his songs in Idle's Broadway smash Spamalot.

As the filmmakers capture Innes in and around a series of concerts in Hollywood and Melbourne, Australia, then follow him home to Suffolk, England, they look at the power of the Internet in spreading Innes' work to a new generation as well as consolidating his diverse fanbase around the world.

They also find out why he wears a duck on his head.

Not for nothing does John Cleese compare Neil Innes to Steve Martin and Charlie Chaplin. It's no coincidence that Terry Jones likens him to Paul Simon. It's bizarre that Eric Idle and Michael Palin say he reminds them of Belgians- but they all say it in The Seventh Python.

The Seventh Python is a Sean Connors Films Ltd. presentation of a Frozen Pictures production.

Showtime for The Seventh Python premiere is 7:30 pm on June 26th. Tickets are available for the film and the June 27th Innes concert online at or at the Egyptian Theatre box office.


Neil Innes is perhaps best known as the musical genius behind The Rutles and the minstrel in Monty Python & The Holy Grail. He first met fame as the musical center of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and writer of their sole hit single, 'I'm The Urban Spaceman,' which was produced by Paul McCartney. After appearing in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, he performed with the Monty Pythons on television, on tour and in films (and, years later in The Concert for George tribute to his friend George Harrison- in which he was seen baring his arse onstage at the Royal Albert Hall). Besides starring in Eric Idle's Beatles parody, The Rutles, he wrote and performed the Grammy-nominated soundtrack, whose 20 songs have stood up well alongside the Beatles music they parodied. Innes wrote several songs that appear in Idle's boffo Broadway musical, Spamalot, and has seen his popularity spread worldwide thanks to appearances at Beatles fan conventions and a surge of comprehensive, mostly unauthorized Internet fansites. And yes, Neil Innes wears a duck on his head and refuses to be famous.



Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns founded Frozen Pictures in 2000, making an auspicious debit with the record-rating Court TV miniseries, Adults Only: The Secret History of The Other Hollywood. Other Frozen Pictures productions include the 2007 nonfiction film, Basketball Man; the Bravo miniseries, All The Presidents' Movies narrated by Martin Sheen; The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll with Gene Simmons; The Michael Lohan Reality Project; and Cloud 9, the 20th Century Fox motion picture comedy starring Burt Reynolds, DL Hughley, Angie Everhart and Gary Busey. Kearns is the author of the controversial memoir Tabloid Baby; Hudson performed on stage, TV and in film with The Hudson Brothers, whose Razzle Dazzle Hour series is released on DVD June 17th.

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