Thursday, June 12, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: "The Seventh Python introduces moviegoers to legendary satirist and songwriter Neil Innes"

John Cleese: “I’d say he’s up there with Chaplin & Steve Martin!”

‘The Seventh Python”
introduces moviegoers
to legendary satirist
and songwriter Neil Innes

HOLLYWOOD (JONAS PR) - Frozen Pictures' new musical film The Seventh Python, will introduce the mainstream audience to a man who's considered to be the living link between the most influential music and comedy of the past forty years.

Neil Innes, associate of Monty Python, key member of The Bonzo Dog Band and Rutles singer and songwriter, has long been a pop music and comedy worlds, but despite appearances in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, Monty Python's TV series and films, and Saturday Night Live-- and music in Broadway's Spamalot-- he's managed to maintain a brilliant career as he like it: under the radar.

The Seventh Python may change all that, as his work, philosophy and accomplishments are laid out, and friends like John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michal Palin, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, songwriter Aimee Mann and others sing his praises.

'Neil Innes writes perfect pop songs, he writes parodies like no one else and he's a charismatic, winning performer,' says director Burt Kearns. 'If nothing else, The Seventh Python will show how he does what he does, and let the audience see for themselves what they've been missing.'

'Here's an artist who's still at the vanguard of psychedelia with the Bonzo Dog Band, yet his music is featured on Broadway in Spamalot, while his parodies are beloved by Beatles fans,' producer Brett Hudson says. 'I think Neil's managed to stay under the radar because he's so specific to so many different audiences. Plus, he wears a duck on his head.'

The film about the artist has been selected to open the American Cinematheque's ninth Mods & Rockers Film Festival on June 26th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The night after the world premiere screening, Innes himself will perform a special solo concert at the Egyptian-an unprecedented tribute to the tremendous talent.

"I've always thought Neil Innes is the embodiment of the two finest aspects of the culture of the last 40 years: the music and the humor," festival organizer Martin Lewis said Wednesday. "It's still astonishing to me how few people know about him. There's no point in having a film festival if you can't use it to promote the people who are truly worthy of it."

When asked about Innes' place in comedy history, John Cleese calls him 'irreplaceable.

'I'd say he's up there with Chaplin and Steve Martin,' Cleese says.

'Neil is brilliant, he writes the best songs I've ever heard,' says Terry Jones. 'He's a magnetic personality when he's performing, and yet he's only had one hit record. He's had a lot of success, but why hasn't he become a huge star? Why isn't he Paul Simon? It's an enigma.'

'He's absolutely brilliant,' agrees Rutles creator and frequent Innes collaborator Eric Idle. 'He is so natural with his audience, he loves the audience and he's very funny. But I think he could get out more and I wish he would. Because if you're really talented like he is, you should get out more. You owe it to us!'

Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Aimee Mann adds: 'I think Neil Innes is one of our great undiscovered geniuses. Or maybe partially discovered and he should be unearthed completely!'

Showtime is 7:30 pm. Tickets for the film, and the concert are available now at ; $10 general admission; $7 for American Cinematheque members; $8 for students and seniors at $7 kids 3-17.

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