Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Seventh Python is a hit at Chicago Beatles fest!

This exclusive video shows the audience response to the closing moments of The Seventh Python, our new Neil Innes musical biopic, at its special 11 a.m. showing Saturday morning at the fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago. More than a thousand fans crowded into the Rosemont Ballroom for the exclusive screening, and the response was overwhelming.

So was the standing ovation!

Exclusive photo! Neil Innes (right) watches the movie
with The Fest for Beatles Fans director Mark Lapidus.

Martin Lewis, Beatles Fest emcee and
curator of the American Cinematheque's
Mods & Rockers Film Festival that had
The Seventh Python's world premiere
as its opening selection, has another look.

Musician, songwriter and producer Mark Hudson
is caught watching The Seventh Python at its
Chicago fest for Beatles Fans screening

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