Friday, June 27, 2008

The Seventh Python is a hit at Hollywood premiere! Reviewer: "Made me want to stand up and cheer!"

The premiere of The Seventh Python last night at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood was a rousing success for movie subject Neil Innes, Mods & Rockers Film Festival impresario Martin Lewis. And leave it to legendary blogger and Internet journalist Luke Ford to be first out of the gate with a review of the picture:

"A sweet and funny documentary!
The Seventh Python made me

want to stand up and cheer
for a good and funny man!
A must-see for any Monty Python fan!"

--Luke Ford

Chelsea Handler, Mark Hudson and music legend Chris Montez were seen in the crowd, which roared with laughter, applauded with approval and joined in a standing ovation!

Luke did the interviews above. See more here.

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