Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: "The Seventh Python draws cheers, standing ovation at Beatles fan festival in Chicago"

1000+ fans line up for morning screening of Neil Innes biopic

The Seventh Python
draws cheers,
standing ovation
at Beatles fan festival
in Chicago

HOLLYWOOD (JONAS PR) -- The Seventh Python, the acclaimed musical biopic of satirist, Monty Python collaborator and Rutle Neil Innes, received a standing ovation from more than a thousand fans in Chicago this weekend as producers previewed the film at the year's largest Beatles fan convention as part of its screening tour for distributors and tastemakers.

The Frozen Pictures film, which also stars Monty Python veterans John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, along with British comedian Phill Jupitus and Academy Award-nominated singer-songwriter Aimee Mann.

'This was the screening that was most nervous-making,' director Burt Kearns said this morning. 'This is largest Beatles fans convention of the year, and because Neil's fans and story are so closely connected with the Beatles, we knew a thumbs-down or even a shrug could do us in. But they loved it! More than a thousand a people showed up at 11 in the morning after a wild Friday night. And a standing ovation? Thank you, Fest for Beatles fans.'

'One thing these screenings are proving is that The Seventh Python deserves a theatrical run,' added producer Brett Hudson, himself an attraction at the fest as a member of the re-formed Hudson Brothers. 'The comedy from the Pythons and newcomers like Phill Jupitus has the audience rolling with laughter; the music has them singing and clapping along; the story of Neil's friendship with George Harrison actually has them crying. And in the end, they're on their feet.'

The film had its world premiere June 26th as the opening selection of the American Cinematheque's Mods & Rockers Film Festival in Hollywood. This Chicago 'Heartland premiere' was the next step on the way across the country to a distributors' screening in New York City, and across the Atlantic to a showing for Innes friends, fans and colleagues in London.

'This is a film that comes with the fans' seal of approval," Kearns said. "But it's for the mainstream audience who loves rock ‘n' roll, comedy, the Beatles, Monty Python- and are ready to be introduced to an awesomely talented songwriter and performer who's only managed to avoid fame for 40 years because he's insisted on it!"

Added Hudson: "The acclaim for Neil is well-deserved."

Additional film festival dates are due to be announced. Plans are also underway for The Seventh Python soundtrack and companion book.


Anonymous said...

well i am big fan of beatles. I just love them.

Damian said...

There's no doubt, the guy is completely right.
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Unknown said...

This was released in 2008 but I can't find it ever released on DVD, I find it hard to believe that the film was so bad it was never released?

Anyone know!

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