Monday, November 14, 2005

Cloud 9's director makes a scary move!

Cloud 9 director Harry Basil has surprised Hollywood by following up his slam-bang work on our comedy with a horror movie!

Harry was hired to direct "Soul’s Midnight" by Cloud 9's executive producer, Gray Frederickson.

Before Cloud 9, Harry was best known for directing or writing Rodney Dangerfield's movies, The Fourth Tenor, Back By Midnight, My Five Wives and Meet Wally Sparks.

Harry, who has a second career as a standup comic, is known for casting comedians in his movies. And this scarefest is no exception! Along with Armand Assante, Soul’s Midnight stars comic Joe Nipote—who had a featured role in Cloud 9.

Gray describes Soul's Midnight as “a present-day story based on a historic cult which delves into ancient rituals revolving around the legend of St. George.“ He adds: "I believe Soul's Midnight will appeal to vampire fans around the world and be a great addition to the vampire genre that has been so popular through the years.”

Soul’s Midnight began lensing in Oklahoma City, appropriately, on Halloween.

Congratulations, Harry and Gray— just make sure you're back by midnight!

Cloud 9 hits DVD on January 3rd.

And keep an eye out for Frozen Pictures’ horror film, Psych House.

(Joe Nipote with fellow comic and co-star Jeff Altman on the set of Cloud 9)


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