Monday, November 14, 2005

Countdown to DVD

It sure has been a big week for Frozen Pictures, the motion picture production company headed by Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns.

The website,, has gone online.

And its first motion picture, the comedy Cloud 9, comes out on DVD on January 3rd. It’s a sports comedy, starring Burt Reynolds as the coach of a beach volleyball team comprised of strippers.

Brett and Burt won great acclaim with documentary and television projects. With Cloud 9, these guys are in great company!

They wrote the script and produced the picture with Albert S. Ruddy. Ruddy had won the Academy Award for Best Picture for The Godfather. While in post-production on Cloud 9, Ruddy won the Best Picture Oscar for Million Dollar Baby.

Executive producer Gray Frederickson won the Best Picture Oscar for The Godfather, Part II. He was producer of Francis Ford Coppola’s films including Apocalypse Now, One from the Heart and The Outsiders. He also produced Dwight Yoakam’s epic, South of Heaven, West of Hell.

Cloud 9 stars Reynolds, D.L. Hughley, Paul Rodriguez, Angie Everhart, Gabrielle Reese and former Miss USA Kenya Moore. It features cameos by Gary Busey, Tom Arnold and Tony Danza.

Frozen Pictures has big plans ahead. A horror movie, a comedy or two and even a documentary feature.

More on all that to come. Cloud 9 is the start.

Fox Home Entertainment is releasing the DVD on January 3, 2006.


CarlyQ said...

I am thrilled to see Frozen Pictures prosper! I am an admirer and fan of both Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns! Albert S. Ruddy isn't exactly an amateur himself! They are all remarkly gifted professionals who deserve the best of success! I believe they are on the right track in achieving it.

I've been familiar with Brett Hudson since 1974. I know his works and capabilities. He has the ability to "make it all happen". I have the utmost confidence in his talent and genius! He knows the right people and knows how to get things accomplished. (Also, it doesn't hurt that I've had a secret crush on him for years!) He is my standard for what constitutes a perfect man. Extremely intelligent, handsome, virile, phenominal personality...what more could a woman want?

Burt Kearns is also remarkly talented in his own right. His book "Tabloid Baby" is one of the most insightful and entertaining books I've read in years. As a fellow journalist, I found it clever and scintillating! Mr. are a kindred spirit and smart ass after my own heart! If you are to use one-tenth of the talent you have possessed in your past ventures...Frozen Pictures is bound to be a success!

I'm elated to see "Cloud Nine" and eager to see all the projects the Frozen Pictures team bring to light!

I wish them ever-continued success!

Kathy J said...

I am so happy to hear that Cloud 9 is being released, and I will definitely buy it. I have loved Brett Hudson since the 70's and have all of the Hudson Brothers albums, I was also a memeber of his fanclub and got an autographed photo of him and his brothers a few years back sent to me from his mom. I am so happy that he is doing so well in the producing part of the business. Also to add your not looking too shabby either , as said by Freddie Prinze, LOOKING GOOD!!!!

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