Sunday, November 27, 2005

DL Hughley meets "The White Shaft" in Cloud 9!

Comedy superstar DL Hughley breaks new ground as a comic actor as Burt Reynolds’ co-star in Cloud 9, Frozen Pictures’ first feature motion picture, available on DVD January 3rd. DL takes on the hilarious and controversial role of Tenspot-- Reynolds' son!

The Original King of Comedy and host of Comedy Central’s ‘Weekend at the DL’ talks about his Cloud 9 character and his special bond with Burt Reynolds:

“Tenspot is the adopted son of Burt’s character, Billy Cole. His father apparently didn’t want anything to do with him and left him with Billy and Billy kind of just raised him. So that automatically made me accomplice to all of Billy’s schemes. So I’m his right hand.

“Tenspot’s job in Malibu is a driver. And you know, ‘he who drives the celebrities rules the world.’ We know what they leave in the limo, we know what they do in the limo, we know where they go, so I have all the inside connections that we use to kind of further Billy’s interests.

“When I was a kid, Burt Reynolds was an actor we could relate to because he acted so much like the brothers out there. He was the one always running from the police, always tricking the police. We had JJ from Good Times, but he couldn’t stack up to Burt Reynolds! We could relate to him. He’s like the white Shaft!

“And he’s still just as cool and women think he’s just as sexy. But one day I’m going to be sexy too. Six more movies from now, I figure I’ll be a pretty sexy dude...

“I think Burt and I had a chemistry because there’s a genuine affinity for each other. You meet somebody immediately and you know whether you vibe with them or not. And he’s just a gracious dude and I vibed with him right away. So it was easy for me as a person to see how Ten Spot as a character could feel about this guy. It was a really a cool, a cool vibe. And I don’t think that vibe is something that you can fake. It either is or it ain’t.”

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