Friday, December 02, 2005

Gabrielle Reece is Cloud 9's Amazon sensation!

Gabrielle Reece is the Amazon goddess of beach volleyball. Now she’s about to become a sports movie icon as she goes toe-to-toe with sexy Angie Everhart and head-to-head with Burt Reynolds in the motion picture, Cloud 9.

“The part of Christina Hansen was written specifically for Gabrielle,” says Burt Kearns of Frozen Pictures, who wrote and produced Cloud 9 with Brett Hudson and Academy Award winner Albert S. Ruddy. “We knew she was impressive on the sand, but who could have expected her presence on screen? She’s a powerful athlete who combines the lithe elegance of Uma Thurman with the grace of Charlize Theron. And she does action better than both combined.”

Kearns and Hudson were so impressed with Reece’s performance that they've written a special starring role for her in the upcoming Frozen Pictures heist film, ‘Two Buck Chuck.’

Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to catch Gabrielle Reece on Fox Home Entertainment's DVD version of Cloud 9, available January 3rd—with exclusive bonus features produced by Frozen Pictures!

Gabrielle Reece speaks about her role in Cloud 9:

“If there was a bad guy in this film, I guess it would be me. Christina is a really serious and competitive volleyball player. Kind of a Terminator of beach volleyball. And she’s a little bit uptight about the strippers coming in on her territory. She’s just a really competitive volleyball machine.

“Christina is someone who’s got a lot of strength and maybe some respect, and there’s still beauty and grace. So maybe within being the villain, she is the inspiration.

“Honestly, I don’t even know if I’d be quite as nice as Christina has been. If you came down to your home court and there was kind of a bunch of mayhem and guys throwing dollars at girls on your court, you would try to get rid of them for sure. You wouldn’t even be as nice as to leave. You would find the way to make them leave. And if you couldn’t make them leave, you’d get the men in your life to get them to make them leave! So, yeah, you pee in the corners. You’re very territorial of your area. And if you’re serious about it and someone’s down there doing something that’s not serious, you get rid of ‘em!

“Beach volleyball is probably the sexiest women’s sport. So if you’re trying to really maximize your sex appeal value, you would get strippers and beach volleyball players somehow moshing together. But I guess the thing that was really funny to me was the idea of Burt’s character, sitting there, looking at the television at a beach volleyball player, looking at a girl strip, looking at the television-- and thinking there’s a connection there!”

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