Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hudson Brothers reunite for The Seventh Python

As post-production work and additional shooting continues on the Frozen Pictures nonfiction feature film, The Seventh Python, producer and Frozen partner Brett Hudson is reuniting one of the most legendary, acclaimed and influential pop groups of the Seventies as he prepares the film's soundtrack.

Years after their official split as a performing act, The Hudson Brothers are handling the musical segments of the film about the unplanned career of Monty Python collaborator and chief Rutle Neil Innes. Mark Hudson, well-known music producer and songwriter has joined kid brother Brett as music supervisor, and brother Bill Hudson, the flash guitarist, film producer, composer and author of the upcoming book Fool's Gold (it's about his marriage to Goldie Hawn, but that's a different documentary), is at his in-demand Water Tower recording studio in Malibu, beginning to "clean up" concert tracks from Innes' now-legendary stands at the 1650 Club and Lava Lounge in Hollywood.

"We've gotten offers to reunite on stage," says Brett. "But behind the scenes, we work together all the time. We're brothers."

Neil Innes and the Hudsons share musical, comedic and Beatle connections dating back to the Sixties...

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