Sunday, August 19, 2007

Deaver appeared in All The Presidents' Movies

Former Reagan adviser Michael K. Deaver, who died yesterday at age 69, is featured in Frozen Pictures' documentary series, All The Presidents' Movies with Martin Sheen.

The three-part, three-hour Presidents told, for the first time, the history of the White House screening room and showed how a oresident's taste in movies could reflect-- or even influence-- his leadership style and decisions.

Michael Deaver was gracious enough to allow us into his officeat Edelman public relations in Washington, DC and regale us about stories speak to us about the Reagans and the movies. The master media manipulator also served as a conduit to Nancy Reagan, who did not agree to appear on camera, but through Deaver confirmed the accuracy of details we had gathered, provided new information to us, and led us to new contacts.

All The Pesidents' Movies is now in workldwide television release, most recently seen in Japan and Israel. Its release on DVD has been delayed but it will show up for sale one day soon.

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