Friday, January 18, 2008

Daniel Brown edited The Seventh Python!

When it came to editing our nonfiction musical motion picture The Seventh Python, we needed a pro with a sense of rhythm and an appreciation of music. Well, we got that an more the form of Daniel Brown, a veteran film and video editor who not only boasts Bonzo Dog Band elpees in his vinyl collection—but is an accomplished and acclaimed musician himself!

As his official biography informs us:

“Dan's musical journey began, starting with an aural exposure to his mother's Yoko Ono record collection…. Dan was able to persuade his parents, through negotiations and Sufi mystical mind tricks, that he should be allowed bring the family piano into his room so that he could play it while at the same time playing drums... Reaching the age of majority Dan found himself in New York attending an unnamed but high-priced private university to learn how to put two pieces of film together to make one piece of film. It is also at this time that his musical career starts to blossom.”

Dan is renowned in the music world as an avant garde, experimental, post-punk, indie percussionist who’s released acclaimed solo albums and worked with music groups including God Is My Co-Pilot. (the New York City band that toured in Europe and performed on the BBC 1 radio’s John Peel Sessions), “anarcho-musical terrorist group” Salmon Skin, the group Pacer (compared by Gerard Cosloy to Sonic Youth) and the trio Hall Of Fame, which have lot of albums you can find on line or on i-Tunes.

And did we mention our fellow music star is also an accomplished editor? Dan worked the board on Bluebook Films’ Bloodline, the chilling documentary that exposes the real life story behind the Da Vinci Code (written by yet another Dan Brown), the legendary The Gods of Times Square (just out on DVD), and television series as diverse as Raising The Roofs, Tourgasm and The Chelsea Handler Show.

The Seventh Python is coming soon. Dan made it rock!

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