Monday, January 21, 2008

Joaquin Blanco charms The Seventh Python

As we get a step closer to announcing release plans for our nonfiction musical film, The Seventh Python all the concert, interview and performance extras that will accompany its eventual DVD release-- and the original soundtrack CD and downloads-- we stop to mention another member of the Frozen team who's helping make this one of the best musical biopics in the history of rock 'n' roll.  And comedy.  

Joaquin Blanco, another film veteran with varied and wide experience in the industry, took control of the design content at the beginning and, in the end, followed up with color correction, exclusive graphics, the opening and closing credit sequences and finishing touches and the F& F Post Production facilities at the Los Angeles International Airport.

While his work in the film, television and forward-looking online industries continues to push past new boundaries, Blanco has also maintained a reputation among the avant garde and surrealist crowds as a prominent underground thinker and artist. 

He's perhaps best known to general public for his 2004 LAX-area holiday season installation, The Garbage Cane (above left). The giant, fifty-foot candy cane was made up of thirty garbage cans and adorned by faux-crystal lamps, lighting up the area, attracting Christmas car traffic from miles around and generating media attention from coast to coast.

Blanco had planned to top the work the following year with a Rudolph-lid rooftop installation, but retreated into obscurity when the idea was rejected by his partner and frequent collaborator in the Lennon-Ono, Nasty-Chastity (as seen at right) mode, Peggy Hippdom, AKA "The Keeper of The Silver Balls."

But that's his mysterioso side. We know Joaquin as a multi-talented moviemaking artiste, and his graphic, design and coloring work added more wonders to a project that's already full of magic. Once again, he's taken something special-- and taken it over the top!

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